SPQR Strategies helps clients focus on the intersection between the legislation, regulation and the law, especially when it comes to the constant challenges posed by cutting-edge public policy problems and emerging technologies. We work closely with each client to create effective strategies to identify obstacles and maximize opportunities for success.

Our firm’s services include all aspects of government relations and coalition building on the local, state and national level, privacy risk analysis and policy/procedure development, focused advisory for start-ups and communications strategies. 

Government Relations

SPQR Strategies combines decades of lobbying and government relations experience working for industries where legislative and regulatory matters need ongoing attention and strategic planning. We help build relationships that allow companies, organizations and individuals to succeed in Washington, D.C., Brussels, Belgium and various state capitals. 

To achieve this we:

  • Monitor Congress and state legislatures;
  • Analyze pending legislation and regulation;
  • Prepare written and oral testimony, and work to shape legislative hearings to maximize client advantage;
  • Represent companies before Congress, regulatory agencies, state legislatures and state attorney generals; and,
  • Draft legislation, amendments and comments to regulatory filings.

Coalition Building

When it comes to important issues like constantly emerging technologies, it often takes a collective effort to influence federal policy. SPQR Strategies works hard to build communities of like-minded entities to amplify voices and increase the likelihood of public policy success. We accomplish this task by forging connections between unlikely allies, working across the political spectrum and across the business-advocate divide to bring consumers and privacy advocates together to discover areas of agreement.

Privacy Risk Analysis and Policy/Procedure Development

We analyze your company’s data risks, evaluate the public policy landscape that may affect your business, and help your organization develop both strong internal and external policies and procedures that maximize the innovative uses of safeguarding your data – as well as that of your customers. We are deeply involved in the legislative and public policy debates over the laws governing privacy in Congress, in state capitals and throughout Europe.

Focused Advisory for Start-Ups

SPQR Strategies offers advisory services for disruptive, early stage tech startups and apps, including providing guidance for legal and regulatory compliance, building systems to appropriately protect and maximize the value of data, staffing, financing and resolution of typical challenges facing new tech companies. 

Communications Strategies

Social Media Management

Social networking sites vary greatly in the levels of privacy offered and required. With the mushrooming of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, undesirable security and privacy risk issues are emerging daily. Our team members provide deep insight into the social media revolution so that clients can capture the dynamism of social networking, and related social products and services. Additionally, we facilitate strategic relationships with key decision makers at many of today’s most well known social media companies.


For nearly 20 years, our Founder and Principal, Tim Sparapani, has been a frequent public speaker on topics related to emerging technologies. He has testified before Congress five times and has shared his expert advice in more than 500 media interviews.  From TV and radio to newspaper and the Internet, our team members provide advice, guidance and introductions to help clients craft key messaging, influence public opinion and shape debate.